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Monday, May 30, 2011

Kalimar Photo Results

Remember that Kalimar SR200 camera that I found in an antique store? Well I finally finished a roll of film and had a CD made with the pictures on them. I must say that I was quit pleased with most of the pictures. I don't ever remember taking very good pictures with non-digital cameras, but that was probably 20 - 25 years ago when I was a kid and had no understanding of taking picture basics. I was lucky if I didn't cut a person's head off or have a finger in the way let alone getting the right exposure and sharpness. So I was happy that I applied what I have been learning to get decent pictures out of an old SLR film camera. All the images are untouched with the exception of cropping.
Olivia was outside blowing bubbles and I thought I would try and capture that moment. She loves to play with bubbles.
In this picture Olivia is rather upset because she decided that she was done swinging and instead of waiting for it to come to a stop she let go and landed on her backside. Now she knows to wait for the swing to stop or to try and land on her feet.
This is Olivia and her Daddy.The camera doesn't have a flash and it was extremely sunny out so instead of having them squint with the sun in their face I just placed them with the sun off to the side.

Even though I love my digital camera, I think the old school camera gives a bit more nostaligic feel to it. I'm sure you could make your digital pictures have that same look through image editing software, but I'm not that advanced yet. You can click the images for a bigger picture. I still can't get over that the camera doesn't take batteries.

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I'm so happy to hear you're enjoying your old school camera. I remember those days! That has to be one of the best father-daughter pictures I've ever seen. Very sweet! Good job.