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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Antique Store Find

While visiting some family back in Ohio this past week, I found out that my mother-in-law had a booth in an antique shop dowtown. She is starting do downsize some of her belongings. I figured I would go check out the store and see what all was there. Well on a table next to my MIL's booth something caught my eye. It was a camera case that was in excellent condition. Curiosity peeked my interest so I decided to look in the case and low and behold there was a camera that also was in fabulous condition. I checked ou tthe lens and looked through the view finder and both looked outstanding. There is not a single scratch on the lens. The leather strap looks like it was never hung over anyone's neck AND it had the user's manual! I knew this had to be mine. So I looked at the price and it was marked $20. Oh yeah, this baby was going home with me. I forgot to take a picture of the bottom, but it has "Made in USSR". Of course I had to find out what I could about it. It seems to be a Russian made camera for US export called a Kalimar SR200. The Russian version of this in the Zenit-E. It is a 35mm film camera. It takes no batteries. I think it dates about 1979-80 from the Olympic rings on the front. The US had boycotted the Olympics and when Russia was hosting them and sent us these cameras with the rings on there. When I got it to my MIL's house I discovered there was film already in the camera and some had been used. I finished the film yesterday and dropped it off to get developed. How old the film was and whether anything took I will find out tomorrow. I will say the film I pulled out had metal rings on the top and bottom. I will try the camera out with fresh film next. I hope there are pictures and I didn't ruin the other ones when I slightly opened the film area. Anyway here are the pictures...

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