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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Alma Mater Visit...Go Bucks!

Well I did get the pictures back from the old film taken with my antique shop find. They actually printed out. I haven't scanned the pictures yet. I was surprised it could actually be developed. I have new film in the camera now and will see what happens with that. I'm excited.

For now I want to share a picture of my daughter doing her first tree climbing on the Oval at The Ohio State University. She had sooo much fun. I used my 50mm lens for this picture.

We also had to go check out the new student union where I went at least once a week to eat at Mark Pi's. Sadly that eatery is no longer there, but the new union is gorgeous with other types food to energize the growing minds. There was a fabulous life sized Brutus sitting on one of the benches there too. I believe I used my 55-200mm lens for this one.
I have a camera class at Sotterly Plantation on Saturday with Robert Tinari. I'm going to take both my film and digital camera. Hopefully I'll come back with some great pictures.

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