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Monday, August 30, 2010

Evening at Solomon's Island

Today I have a couple of pictures that I took over at Solomon's Island. I had taken a Robert Tinari Workshop earlier in the day on Saturday. I learned several things on how to make a better picture. On our way from our 11th anniversary dinner, I told the hubby I wanted to try and get some sunset pictures at Solomon's. Well I think we were almost too late. By the time we got parked and I got my camera out the sun was going below the bridge instead of just above it. I wanted to try and capture the sun setting anyway. Here is my picture.
I also went to the backside of the island where I found my favorite light with it's yellow glow for the evening. I was hoping there would be just enough light to capture the edges of the lamp since I didn't have my tripod with me or much experience taking low light photos. I don't think picture turned out too bad. Although I don't know why you see granulated pixelation artifacts in the sky around the lamp on the blog. It isn't there in the orignal picture.

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Lana said...

Happy Anniversary! Solomon's Island is such a beautiful and peaceful place in the evenings. Not sure when yet, but we definitely plan to come visit again!